Some guy was sitting alone at such-and-such place. He wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular when some lady approached him out of nowhere. She had a smile on her face as she nonchalantly asked him, “Can I talk to you about something?” He answered her question with something along the lines of “If you have something to say, yeah.”

The lady then sat down across from him, and went right into talking about what it was she wanted to talk to him about. She was one of those people who would go on and on talking without letting the other person get in a word edgewise, so this guy just basically had to sit there the whole time and listen to her whole story, even though he had certain questions. At certain points, he would just analyze all these different aspects of her face, her hair and what she was wearing. It wasn’t that these were blah, blah, blah moments, so to speak, though. She spoke, he listened, but it’s just he had never really spoken with this particular lady in this sort of way. The two were acquainted with some of the same people, they knew each other’s names and what not, but she was talking to him as if they were good friends or something.

Analyzing her face, he noticed that her eyes were of the same color as this other girl he knew. While the way she talked definitely said something about her personality, the way she dressed didn’t really say much. Anyway, after going into detail about some situation with some guy she had been in some kind of relationship with, she let this guy whom she was now talking to know she would really appreciate it if he helped her out with something.

This guy wasn’t sure about what to say at first because he felt exactly what she was asking him to do for her was somewhat bizarre. Also, it didn’t really make any sense to him that she would be asking him of all people do it for her. But the guy figured that if he didn’t do it, then some other guy would, so he reluctantly agreed to do it, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity.

So they agreed to meet on a future date at a particular location, which is where this whole thing was supposed to go down. Before she left, she said, “Make sure you text me once you get there.”

He nodded, and she walked out of the place.


Once this guy arrived to the location on the day the two were supposed to meet up, he texted the lady, “I’m here.”

The plan was for them to first meet up at the location, and he assumed she wanted him to text her once he got there because she was going to be nearby or something. While waiting for her to text him back, though, he grew kind of anxious, particularly because this was the sort of place he had not been to in a while, and he always felt very uncomfortable when there. After what seemed to him to have been a significant amount of time that passed, he texted her again:

“Where r u?”

A very small amount of time later, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and didn’t instantly recognize the person, but after some hard thinking, he was able to tell it was the guy whom the lady had had some sort of relationship with in the past. They exchanged hellos, and the guy with whom the girl had had a relationship said, “What’s-her-name couldn’t make it here today, but she asked me if I could, and I was like, ‘Yeah, why not?’”

Then the guy who was supposed to meet the girl there’s phone rang. It was the lady, and he immediately answered it.

“Yeah, what’s going on? That guy you were talking about the other day is here, and he just told me you told him to come instead of you. . . . That’s why you couldn’t get here? . . . But you and I were supposed to. . . . I do want to do this for you, but … I don’t. . . . I don’t. . . . I don’t feel right doing it, though. . . . Are you crying? . . . No, I do care. . . . Listen, I’ll do it. . . . Yeah, it’s okay. I’ll talk to you later.”

As the guy who was on the phone with the lady put his phone away, he felt an extreme amount of anxiety. The lady had explained why she couldn’t get there, and that she wanted him to do what she originally asked him to do with her—instead with the guy whom she had had some sort of relationship with. It was one thing that she had asked him to do something he had very little experience doing, in a place where he just felt really uncomfortable, but then to be blindsided by her asking him to instead do it with some guy she used to be involved with took this whole situation to heights of weirdness that he had trouble wrapping his head around.

“Listen, don’t be that guy,” said the guy who had been involved with the lady.

He then put one of his hands on one of the nervous guy’s shoulders as they walked over to the particular location of the place where they were supposed to do what the lady wanted them to do for her. Once there, the nervous guy began to sweat and one of his legs was shaking. No matter what words of reassurance the other guy gave him, nothing seemed to shake the fact that this was the sort of thing he wasn’t into, especially with some guy he didn’t know. With the sound of the lady’s crying playing in his head on repeat, her eyes popped into his mind, and he thought of how much they looked like that other girl’s eyes. That other girl always had a calming influence on him, so thinking about her eyes relieved him of his anxiety somewhat.

“Are you ready?” asked the guy who had been in a relationship with the lady.


He then got down on his knees. Then so did the other guy. And they prayed.